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Swasthvritta - स्वास्थ्य व्रित्त

Department of Swasthavritta and Yoga (Preventive & Social Medicine)

  • Subject deals with theory and practical application for maintenance of positive health
  • Principles and application of Yogic practice.
  • Theory of preventive and social medicine
  • Adoption of regimen described for daily routine, seasonal routines, healthy tips etc.
  • Importance of good behavior in prevention of mental and spiritual misbehaviors.

Instruments & Equipments

1) 01 Lactometer .

Super Specialty of Faculty


 Dr. Shahane V. C.

 - Teacher Training At. Hadapsar.

 - CME on Yoga at MDNIY, New Delhi.

Examination Panel :

 Dr. Sahane V.C.

 - MUHS Nashik.

Other Activities :

 Dr. Sahane V.C.

 - Eductional Visit.

 - Water Purification Center

 - Industrial Visit.

 - Milk Processing, Collection, chilling Center - Kushtdham, Rehabilition of Leprosy Patient .

 - Sanitation - Mal Missaran Visit.

 - Nisargopchar Centre.

 - Yogopadhar Kendra Yoga Institute.

 - Mother & Child Health Center / Vaccination Center.

The List of Essential equipments / instruments / machineries / charts / models etc.