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Agad Tantra - अगद तंत्र

Ayurveda is oldest medical science known to mankind and mainly aims at healthy living and long life unlike other medical science which simply focus on the treatment of ailments and diseases. According to Ayurvedic science, there should be proper balance between the inner constituent elements of the body for a healthy existence. Apart from the rules and regulations of healthy existence, also deals with surgery and several complex ailments. Ayurvedic science is so elaborate and vast that it is divided into eight branches of Ayurveda and each branch is specialized in a particular treatment. One of these branches is the Agada Tantra.

Department of Agada Tantra & Vyavahara Ayurveda (Toxicology and Medical Jurisprudence)

  • Study of characters and treatment of toxic substances of different sources.
  • Study of accidental death, suicides, poisoning etc. in connection with forensic medicines.
  • Study of various laws related to medical sciences and applications.
  • Collections of poisonous drugs, arms etc in museum for study purpose.

Instruments & Equipments

1) 05 Instruments .

2) Computer Set

3) X-ray Vision Box

4) Vepons

Super Specialty of Faculty

Number of Book to be written in Department :

Prof. Bhalsing N. B.

 - in process M.J.P.

Number of project done in Department in last five year :

Prof. Bhalsing N. B.

 - Daily Samhita Pathan .


 Prof. Bhalsing N. B.

 - Teacher Training Programme at D.Y.Patil College, Pune 

- 2008-2009.

 - Teacher Training Programme at MUHS Nashik 2005.

Examination Panel :

Prof. Bhalsing N. B.

 - Observer, Examiner, Flying Squad, Member of Staff Selection

 - Committee,Paper Seter, Modareter, Member of L.I.C. at MUHS Nashik.

 - PG Guide (Agadtantra & V.A.) at Pune University.

Research Activity :

 Prof. Bhalsing N. B.

 - Suicidal Deaths in India.

Other Activities : Prof. Bhalsing N. B.

 - N.S.S. Programmer officer MUHS, Nashik

 - Legal Advisor on LIC Panel

The List of Essential equipments / instruments / machineries / charts / models etc.